Matcha Green Tea Review

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Matcha Green Tea is fast becoming a very popular and trendy beverage. Below is a review of this new tea detailing its pros and cons.

The Pros

Matcha is a special green tea made from the same leaves as traditional green tea but is a different beverage in taste and in its preparation. Traditional green tea involves infusing the tea leaves in hot water before discarding the leaves to complete the green tea beverage. With Matcha you are actually drinking the tea leaves. The leaves are ground in to a fine powder before being mixed with hot water and whisked until it froths, leaving a Matcha green tea beverage. During the Matcha preparation the leaves are covered with shade clothes before being harvested. This triggers the growth of new leaves with better flavor and texture.

The health benefits of traditional green tea are well known and Match increases those benefits due to the high quality tea leaves used, and that the leaves are ingested. A cup of Matcha contains numerous vitamins and minerals and is rich in antioxidants providing a plethora of health benefits. Matcha has not just been gaining popularity as a beverage. Its durability means chefs have been including the tea in a variety of dishes, from Matcha soup and stir fry’s’ all the way to Matcha muffins and deserts.

The Cons

Although it has many perks Matcha does have some draw backs. Along with the benefits of ingesting whole tea leaves you will also be ingesting more caffeine. A cup of Matcha contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. However, regular drinkers claim that a cup of Matcha does not give the same caffeine buzz’ as coffee. This is due to the natural substance L-theanine that has a great calming effect. This is what gives the alert calmness’ that Matcha aficionados talk of.
Matcha does have a strong full taste. Some cheaper brands of Matcha have included sweeteners to their product. Sugar is of course bad for you and will negate some of the health benefits of drinking Matcha green tea.

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The Verdict

Matcha has some great benefits, 137x antioxidants of standard green tea, metabolism booster, detoxifying, and anti aging properties. The negatives are the increased caffeine over traditional green and the sweeteners added to cheaper inferior products. If you are going to try it, and I highly recommend you do, then buy good quality. Get some 100% Matcha green tea and start reaping the health benefits.


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