Oolong Tea for Better Dietary and Health Benefits

China is considered as original home of tea and hence it is natural that different types of tea are having some link with the Chinese culture. The difference in the teas generally comes through the ways they are produced and processed. These processes could result into the development of some properties that may make the tea to have uniqueness in it.

This report will get into the details on the dietary and health benefits that come through the Oolong tea. It will also look into the efforts to maximize the health and dietary benefits for a combined result of various teas. This is called as the concept of synergy.



Oolong tea is one of the least know variety of tea. It was originated in China and has been in use for many centuries. Traditionally, Oolong tea is famous for its awesome taste and health benefit properties. Like black tea, green tea, pu-erh tea and white tea, Oolong is made from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) that comes from China. Oolong tea gets differentiated with the way it is made.
Oolong tea is produced through the unique process that has withering process for the leaves under sun and oxidation before the twisting and curling. In the same process there are many other ways to produce the tea. Also, depending on the used processes, the level of the oxidation in tea could vary which may range between 8-85%.

This tea is famous for the better effects of health but it has very impressive and different wooing taste. It could be taken at the best with the aromatic and sweet notes of honey, fresh and light or thick and woody, depending on the place it has been produced.

The most famous Oolong tea originates in the Fujian province in the region of Wuyi Rock (cliff) in the south-east China. Oolong tea is also being produced in the other regions of China and the world that includes India and Taiwan.

It could be taken as an individual product or even could get combined along with the other teas as black and green teas to make the effects more impressive together. This process is known as synergy and is a better way to increase the advantages through natural teas.

Known Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is not better known in the west region of the world but it has the best in it for the health similar to the green tea. As the time passes the more things about the Oolong tea is getting highlighted related to the health benefits, especially with the weight loss and is getting good support of various scientific evidences. The Oolong tea is now becoming more popular around the world.

It has been taken as an overall tonic solution in the traditional way and is supposed to increase healthy and long life. In the knowledge, it is also supposed to improve the blood circulation and maintain the body along with health mind and agile by increasing the metabolism that supports to burn out the excess fat.

It is also known to make efforts on the cardio vascular health. Oolong tea is having good strength of naturally generating plant based anti-oxidants that support in improving the circulation by maintaining the arteries healthy and preventing the growth of plaque that can result the blood vessels to harden and narrow.

The better action of the Oolong tea along with the other teas as green tea to keep the blood vessels better can support to improve the better circulatory system of the body and hence prevent the heart diseases as the best along with other cardio vascular problems like stroke.

  • In traditional way, Oolong tea is known to prevent the tooth decay and helps in keeping health teeth. Today’s scientist have found Oolong tea to contain fluoride that is better known for helping the teeth to stay fit with healthy gums.
  • It is also known to have the placid properties. Many researches from a Japanese study on mice, organized by the Institute for Health Care Science, Suntory Ltd., Mishima-gun, Osaka, recommends that the Oolong tea usage could have impressive stress free effects.

Oolong tea is having various other traditional known properties. Like, it is known for the anti-ageing effects, good effects on skin health and cures skin with disorders. Traditionally, it is also used for the better blood sugar control as a better treatment for diabetes.

Oolong Tea aid with Weight Loss

An important health benefit through Oolong tea is its better ability to support the weight loss and preventing accumulation of excess fat.

Oolong tea has good quantity of polyphenols that are natural available plant based oxidants. These compounds have the characteristics that support in enhancing the speed of metabolism in the human body, which burn the fat quickly.

The process of thermogenesis produces the heat in the body. Similar to the green tea and some other varieties of tea, oolong tea is thermogenic substance that could stimulates the metabolism and results in increasing the fat oxidation.

With the encouraging evidences collected by various studies across the world, Oolong tea is well recognized for the better weight loss. This is also valid for the green tea and other teas such as pu-erh tea. Continuous usage of the Oolong tea along with the other teas could really help to improve the circulation with boosting the metabolism and prevent the growth of excess fat in human body.

Research Findings on the Effects of Oolong Tea

As stated earlier, Oolong tea is having better quantity of plant based anti-oxidants which are also known as polyphenols. The main polyphenol of it is epigallocatechin gallate, which is found in the Oolong tea and also in green tea.

  • As per the placebo controlled research that was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found the six overweight men who had epigallocatechin gallate extract for two days. The study shown that epigallocatechin gallate have good strength to lower the weight of the body by enhancing the fat oxidation impressively. Although, the size of the sample was small but the results of the same was showing strong role of Oolong and other teas in weight reduction.
  • As per the study by the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Maryland, USA, it is observed that the participants with 4 cups of Oolong tea or the same number of cups of plain water for three days. At the final time, it was observed that the participants with the drink of Oolong tea shown 3% more energy expenditure and burned about 67% more calories per day to the previous day. Beyond the higher speed of energy expenditure, Oolong tea consumers has 12% higher fat oxidation rate to that of the water drinkers.
  • As per a Taiwan based study in 2003 on 1210 subjects, it was observed that the subjects with the regular use of the tea for more than 10 years was showing smaller waist to hip ratio along with lower percentage of fat in the body. In the sample, only 4% consumers with regular black tea and 96% had either green or oolong tea.
  • As per Japanese studies in two random acts, the impressions of the usage of Oolong tea on metabolism subject were researched. The rate of fat oxidation and energy expenditure was scaled in the subject consuming tea extract. The first research was showing the increase in energy expenditure by 2.9% and there was an increase of 12% in fat oxidation. In the second study, the energy expenditure was found to increase by 4% and the fat oxidation increase with 35%.
  • As per a study in 2000 at Taiwan, the impression of green tea, black tea, green tea and Oolong tea extracts on the fat absorption on lab rats fed with high level of sugar diet were found. The study suggests that the rats with the Oolong tea had reduction of food intake. The levels of cholesterol were lowered and the consumption of tea also resulted in lowering the triglyceride in the liver.

Using Tea in Synergy

  • There had been many studies in relation to the other teas, especially green tea as it is considered as the best at the moment. It is observed that Oolong tea, pu-erh tea, white tea and green tea are better in polyphenols as they belong to the same source. All these varieties have the better effects of weight reduction.
  • However, all varieties have its own way of production and processing, and hence grow its own unique properties. It could really be the best thing to have the better results by having the best from these all teas and combine the positivity in right combination which could really have more impact on the weight loss. This combination of the best process called as synergy.

Side Effects of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is originated through plat tea and is being consumed traditionally in the China and the vicinity for many centuries. The contents of Oolong tea are naturally occurred and hence give the health better benefits which ultimately allow having the safe consumption of the same.

There are not any side effects of the Oolong tea, either it is in moderation or prescription, brew or in extract. However, Oolong tea has caffeine in it and one should be careful about the same to have the right consumption of the same.

Like green tea, Oolong tea has good proportion of the anti-oxidants and it is observed that it has high concentration of the polyphenols which may result in liver poisoning and oxidative stress. Hence it is an important thing that one should be very cautious and should take the doctor’s advice before having any commercial herbal item that has Oolong tea extract and not to have it during pregnancy.


Oolong tea is not that much popular in the west in comparison to its closer green tea. However, the real picture about the Oolong is getting more clear day by day as its plentiful benefits is coming more lucid and is getting a better support by some scientific evidences.

  • The Oolong tea is having good quantity of natural plants based anti-oxidants which are known as polyphenols. These anti-oxidants have various health benefits especially in relation with the weight loss. Researches have shown that these polyphenols help to maintain arteries in better condition and improve the circulation.
  • Researchers suggest Oolong tea as better for the cardio vascular health and it may also prevent the heart disease and stroke. The anti-oxidant from Oolong tea may better help in anti-ageing efforts and hence helps the human body to remain active and youthful.
  • Oolong tea has minute quantity of fluoride and hence it becomes good for keeping the healthy teeth and gums by preventing the tooth issues.
  • Similar to the green tea, Pu-erh tea and white tea, studies have found a better link of Oolong tea with the weight loss. It enables the thermogenesis that enhances the speed of oxidation. Research has found that polyphenols could better contribute of 4% thermogenesis during the day time which transform to 35-43% entire fat oxidation of the human body.

Good interest of the people have been found with the roles of pu-erh tea, white tea, green tea, and Oolong tea for the effective weight loss. These all varieties of tea have certain compound which makes it to help human body to have better fat oxidation. Also, these have their own uniqueness in the properties. Hence this could really be a better job to consume the Oolong tea along with the other teas combining the positivity of each tea. This would help to maximize the impact on the fat oxidation and help people to lose weight at the best. This process is termed as synergy.

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