Pu-erh Tea for Good Dietary and Health Benefits



Pu-erh tea is traditionally from China. It is a proper native to Yunnan on the southern part of the country. It has also a long history associated with the health and has better place in the tradition of China. This comes with the fermentation process where the raw material i.e. leaves undergo in the microbial fermentation after they are dried and rolled.

For many centuries, Pu-erh tea has been considered as the beneficial tea for health in the Chinese culture. The modern science world has also started in finding the facts about the Pu-erh tea for various health benefits specially those are related with the weight loss.

In this short report we are to look on the benefits of Pu-erh tea along with some significant studies and relevant results, especially which are focused on the weight loss. We would also look into the matter of synergy where different tea varieties combined together to get some more significant results.

The Known Health Benefits of Pu-erh Tea

The Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) originated from China hence there is not any kind of surprise or doubt about the production and usage of it related to the Chinese heritage and culture. If we talk about the teas as red tea, green tea, Oolong tea and many others have been in use in China for many centuries and were considered as a part of healing and preventive characteristics.

Traditionally Known Effects of Pu-erhPu-erh tea has traditionally been considered to improve the digestion and develop the working of spleen and stomach. In the use, many ones like to have it to combat with the unpleasing effects of alcohol usage. It is in the Chinese traditional medicine that improves the blood circulation, digestion as well as eyesight and also keeps the body free from toxins with improvement in immunity. It is a known thing in the Chinese medicine for the detoxification of blood.

Effects of Polyphenols

Similar to the other variety of tea as green tea and Oolong tea, Pu-erh tea has a high quantity of plant based anti-oxidant which is known as polyphenols. Study has proved that these important components can play a vital role to maintain a healthy circulatory system by keeping the arteries clearer and block development of plaque.

It may hence play a very significant role for the cardio vascular illnesses as angina, stroke and hypertension.

Polyphenols may possess some impressive link to prevent certain forms of cancer. Studies have found that these anti-oxidants of Pu-erh tea could attack the harmful free radicals which may change to anti-cancerous and anti-ageing effects in the human body.

Some of the studies have also shown that Pu-erh tea consumption may protect fibroblast cells, which are mainly connective tissues, from oxidation damage in the human body.

Cleansing and De-greasing Effects

Pu-erh tea has been considered traditionally as a cleaner of body and blood of toxins and excess amount fat. The recent studies by scientist have found strong proofs that may make it more effective. Pu-erh tea has the best in it to clean the bad fats from blood and the studies conducted on the lab animals proves that Pu-erh may also play a vital role in maintaining lover tissue better and affecting it to get fatty.

How Might the Tea Aid with weight loss?

Some studies across the world on the lab mice and even on some human shows to have found that Pu-erh tea has better and significant properties to lower the cholesterol effects. Studies have also found that it has better characteristics that may help the body to avoid unwanted and hard to digest fats. Because of its cleansing property, it has come in eyes of many researchers throughout the world.

Effects of Pu-erh on Cholesterol Levels

  • As per a study by Wun-Shan Branch Research and Extension Station, Taipei, the differences have been found in the cholesterol levels on lab rats. When those lab rats were fed with the extracts of black, Oolong, green, and cooked Pu-erh tea then the rat that was fed with the Pu-erh tea was found to have lower percentage of unwanted LDL that to those of other tea varieties. It had also heightened the level of HDL cholesterol in good way.
  • As per the study by the Chinese Kunming Medical College which was containing 86 subjects with very high level of the blood cholesterol, the differences of the impact on treatment of the patients were observed with Pu-erh tea and conventional cholesterol medication. About 55 subjects had regimented quantity of Pu-erh tea thrice in a day while the remaining subjects had a cholesterol-lowering prescribed drug as PCIB. Ultimately, after the two months period, subject that had Pu-erh tea found a 64.29% reduced blood cholesterol levels while the other group with prescribed cholesterol medication found 66.67% reduction.

Studies have shown that Pu-erh tea contains a chemical as Lovastatin in minute quantities, which is able to lower the LDL level in human body. Lovastatin is a chemical that comes on prescription for controlling the cholesterol. Pu-erh tea therefore could play impressive part in lowering the bad cholesterol.

Anti-Obesity Effects of Pu-erh Tea

Many studies have found that Pu-erh tea is having the lowering impact on LDL and triacylglycerol have proved that it may have better suppression on weight gain and hence helps in preventing obesity.

  • The study at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei, on rats found that rats those were supplemented with Pu-erh tea displayed hypolipidemic and anti-obesity effects. The major compound in tea which was found responsible for the anti-obesity effect was caffeine that is an anti-oxidant known as theanine and catechin.
  • In another study by the Yunnan Agricultural University, it was found that anti-obesity effects of the Pu-erh tea usage on rats with high fat. It was also shown that this tea had impressively lowered the overall weight of the body along with the reduced fatty deposits in body. Pu-erh tea was also found to minimising the cholesterol levels, especially the LDL and triglycerides concentrations. Also, it was not affecting the good HDL cholesterol levels.
  • As per a French study at the ARMA Medical Research Association, Dr. Tran Dai-Sy along with his team observed that from 350 studied subjects, 299 successfully shown the weight reduction with the regular diet supported with a cup of Pu-erh tea on daily basis. The range was of about 5-10 pounds per subject in the weight loss that came in two months’ time.

The major anti-oxidant polyphenols helped in boosting the metabolism through Pu-erh tea, this enhanced the speed of fat oxidation which impressively helped burning calories. In the same time, Pu-erh tea has unique characteristics that activate the spleen and stomach with improvement in digestion.

Healthy and better spleens absorb the nutrients from food stuff and get rid of excessiveness of fluids, an unwanted spleen stores fluid which after a time turns to fat. Pu-erh supports in stimulation and toning the spleen and stomach that maintains in cleaning and efficiency.

Pu-erh tea has another amazing and unique property which may help to suppress the appetite by building a feeling of fullness. It has better impact on the weight loss management in a better way.

Using Tea in Synergy

  • Researchers have found that green tea, white tea and Oolong tea are having the better properties for reducing the weight. As these are originated from the same tea plant hence all of them share some basic makeups and properties.
  • However, every variety of tea has its own uniqueness as many studies have found the difference in the behaviours of it.
  • In general, Oolong tea may show strong effect on the fat oxidation while Pu-erh tea could be effective in dealing with the hard and tough digestive fats in the body. By maintaining the proper digestive system better, it also helps in preventing the excess fluids to turn into fatty deposits.
  • To get the maximum benefits through these teas, a combination of each could result in more positive way. Using the best properties of each tea in the synergy, one can think of having the better advantage in the weight loss and better health. It could be taken into consideration with the blend that is formed to maximise the weight loss properties or in the way of health supplement that has got the accurate blend of the extracts.

Side Effects of Pu-erh Tea

It comes in a natural way and therefore it has no side effects associated with its consumption for a sensible amount. However, this is very important to know that Pu-erh tea contain caffeine in small quantities. Hence, all the factors that apply on caffeine consumption also apply on the usage of Pu-erh tea.

Intake of Pu-erh tea in moderation i.e. as its extract form or as a brew, it has no side effects linked.



Pu-erh tea is traditionally produced in the south-west of China in the Yunnan province. 

  • Pu-erh has a better and longer history of consumption for centuries and is believed to have various advantages. *Particularly, it help body to get rid of toxins, cleaning of the blood and help in getting rid of hard to digest the fats.*
  • As per recent research works by scientists, *Pu-erh tea have many benefits on the human health as claimed.*
  • Pu-erh tea is rich in the anti-oxidants especially with polyphenols that are having various health benefits. *Similar to the other herbal teas like green tea and white tea, Pu-erh has been known in improving the circulation and keeping the cardio vascular health better. Studies have also found that an effective link of the anti-oxidant with the cancer tumors.*
  • Some important studies have been able to found that there is a good association of the Pu-erh tea consumption and the decrease of the bad LDL cholesterol. *In several research works, it has also been noted that Pu-erh consumption increases good HDL cholesterol levels.*
  • Pu-erh tea speeds up the metabolism with its anti-weight-again effects and increases the fat oxidation while it also improves the spleen and stomach functioning that ultimately makes body to get rid of excess fluids. *This is well-known in suppressing the appetite to help better weight management.*
  • It is also been considered to have the Pu-erh tea in a better combination with the Oolong tea and green tea to maximize the weight loss. *The unique properties of each variety of the teas could work together in synergy to have an enhanced effects and maximum advantages.*
  • It also comes under the Chinese medicine to increase the awareness for the better stomach and spleen health and also to get rid of body dampness. *Pu-erh tea is also supposed to maintain a better mind alert and agile and hence promoting effective sound health with boosted immune system.*

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