White Tea for better dietary and various health benefits

Take about any variety of tea as Oolong tea, White tea, Pu-erh Tea, or green tea, these all have the special benefits for the health. With the better and deeper scientific research works, this is getting lucid that these teas have various characteristics that enable them to work in a positive manner for the human health.

In this report, most of the things about the white tea are being portrayed in relation with the dietary and health benefits. It will also have the detailing about the concept of synergy along with the effectiveness of the teas when combined together to have the full length benefits.



White tea has traditional production from the Fujian province which is on the China’s south-east coats. Generally, most of the teas are produced from tea plants i.e. Camellia Sinensis that get brewed from the leaves while the white tea comes from the buds as well as leaves.

The name of white tea has come from the silver downy hairs which are on the buds of tea plants. The selection process of the tea leaves is very strict as mostly the small and young leaves are taken into account for the production of the white tea.

White is considered as lightly oxidized, and the leaves and buds get into wither under the natural sunlight. More oxidization of white tea is avoided in the further processes.

The Known Health Benefits of White Tea

Having the origin from tea plants (Camellia Sinensis), Oolong tea, green tea, Pu-erh tea and white tea have most of the chemical properties common that ultimately result into similar kind of health effects.

White tea is also having a good amount of polyphenols that are considered as plant anti-oxidants. It has been found in many researches that polyphenols have various health benefits related to the health.

It helps in reducing the cholesterol in the human body. Catechins are major anti-oxidants from the same category and are known to maintain the arteries in better health condition by preventing growth of the plaque that is in arteries around endothelial lining.

Researchers have found the betterment in the circulatory system along with the reduction in the cholesterol through the polyphenols. It helps in maintaining the lower blood pressure and improves better cardio vascular health.

Polyphenols restricts the free radicals that are harmful for the health. Studies have got a better linking of anti-cancer with the anti-oxidants. According to a 2010 study, white tea extract usage suppresses action on cancer cells.

White tea has also been found as inhibitor to the bacterial infections growth.

  • As per a 2004 study by the Pace University, New York, it is found that the white tea extract might have the application of prophylactic as it possess some anti-bacterial characteristics in relation to the growth of staphylococcus infections, pneumonia, streptococcus infection and also the dental infections. Not only this, as some anti-viral and anti-fungal characteristics too come into the picture. It was also found to inactivate the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cell along with the spores of Penicillium. It could also be concluded that the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics of the white tea may be more than to that of the green tea.

Again it has also been found in the studies that polyphenols of the white tea may have better growth of the immune system as it may increase level of the regulatory T cells in human body.

Studies have also been able to show that these anti-oxidants may help a person in anti-ageing. It maintains the connective tissues healthy and hence results in better skin health with better eyes. In China, the tea has been considered as the best agent of health and youth.

  • As per a study of 2009 by the Kingston University, London, it was found that the white tea usage could really brought down the risk of certain cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, and also heart disease because of the strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the good ability in maintaining the connective tissue healthy. Study has also discovered that the white tea was able to restrict or brought down the breakdown of elastin and collagen which is caused by enzymes, hence it results in anti-ageing effects.

Tea Aid in Weight loss

The weight gain has become one of the major concerns in many people, especially in the post industrialised nations. The growth in the incidences of the obesity and its related concerns such as diabetes and cardio vascular problems has really caught the eyes.

The better response of the white tea in the fat related issues has really attracted the scientist around the world in better way. Not only this, there are many research works are on about the better effects of the white tea for the support in better weight programs. These studies are being done to know the benefits in full-fledged way about the weight loss.

White tea is being used in aiding the weight loss programs in better ways. The most effective side of it is polyphenols that help in lowering the cholesterol in blood and also maintains the better circulatory system. A better health of the heart is the first step in having good control over the weight with the help of better diet and exercises.

It may also help in restricting the fat storage in the human body and help in metabolizing the fat faster. It has also been found that white tea can suppress the appetite in a better way which could make it easier for a person to focus on health diet.

Effect of White tea on Fat Cells

  • According to a study of 2008, was based on white tea extract effects on the obesity, it is found that white tea extract resulted in the breakdown of present fat cells and also inhibited development of the new fat cells. Also, the white tea suppressed or lowered the expression of genes linked with formation of the new adipocytes. It was concluded that the white tea extract is from the natural source and a potent that may inhibit adipogenesis, a conversion from pre fat cells to fat cells that stimulates lipolysis, which is exactly the breakdown of the fats to get utilize by the body for energy.
  • In 2009, a German health food company found that the Chinese white tea helps in reduction of the growth of new fat cells and breakdown the fat present in the existing cells.

Burns Calories Faster

White tea has its ingredient as caffeine and it is naturally thermogenic substance. This assures that it results in the better and faster metabolism. With the increase in the metabolism, white tea could be a better support in boosting the rate of burning the stored fat.

As it starts speeding up the metabolic breakdown of the calories, it does not have any calories which ultimately results in effective weight loss. Other benefits of white tea are that it contains a very small quantity of caffeine in comparison to that of other teas. Hence, it results in more positive way by avoiding the unwanted side effects through caffeine usage.

Suppresses Appetite

White tea is regarded as a better suppressor to the appetite which ultimately gets easier to manage gap between meals. Hence, it makes it easier for the people to follow some healthy weight loss program.

Using Tea in Synergy

  • All varieties of teas are from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) and thus have the similar basic nutrients and components. Each variety of tea has its own property that comes with it in the way it is produced and processed. Even, one can find the varying quantity of polyphenols in the white tea which comes as a result of processing and the strain of tea plant.
  • When it is about the weight loss, then either it is green tea or oolong tea or pu-erh tea or even white tea, each has its own relevant weaknesses and strengths. However, in many researches it has been found that all these tea have effective strength in combating obesity.
  • In general, green tea is found to reduce the amount of fat in the body at the best, Pu-erh tea is having the best properties to make an impact on the digestive system and improves the effectiveness in digesting the tough fats. White tea has shown the best character of suppressing the growth of new fat cells along with breakdown of the existing ones.
  • Hence having the right and accurate combination of these effective teas could help in creating an apt weight loss program which takes the benefits from each tea varieties while overcoming with the weaknesses. It could be done in a better way by having the blend of teas designed specifically to weight loss effects of each variety. It could also be done by having the health supplement in right manner that have the right blend of tea extracts.

Side Effects of White Tea

It is having the natural substances as white tea has origin of it from the tea plant with minimal process. It has very low quantity of caffeine hence there is almost no side effects of anything with the same. To avoid any kind of reaction or negative effects with the existing medication, it is much better to consult with physician before taking any kind of health supplements or products that are made from the concentrated white tea extract.


White tea is a tea with minimal processing traditionally belongs to the south-east part of China. As it is from the tea plant, white tea has many health benefits that match well with the green tea and Oolong tea.

  • Polyphenols, which is present in the white tea, are very much beneficial for the better health in various ways. It can maintain better circulatory system and can improve the cardio vascular health at the best. Studies have shown that it also plays a vital role in the prevention of the heart disease along with other cardio vascular conditions like stroke. Polyphenols have the best feature to lower the bad LDL cholesterol and hence prevents the development of plaque on arteries lining.
  • Polyphenols also serves better in anti-ageing actions. As per 2009 study, white tea is responsible for slowing down enzymatic breakdown of elastin along with collagen that ultimately results in anti-ageing effects.
  • In the high need for obesity issues, white tea is now getting better interest by the scientists across the world to know the benefits of it in weight loss.
  • As per 2008 studies, white tea possesses anti-obesity effects on human fat cells. It was also found that white tea is able to suppress the gene effects that causes the new generation of fat cells. More about white tea is that it breakdowns the existing fat cells in the human body.
  • It increases the metabolism speed and hence results in the speed of fat oxidation. White tea has also better effects of suppressing the hunger which ultimately results in better weight loss management.
  • However, the varieties of teas are from Camellia Sinensis are having the same basic properties each variety has also some uniqueness in it as well. In general, white tea is better in the breakdown of the fats while Pu-erh tea is having better lowering power on fat.
  • Having the all positives from these teas could result into more significant way. It is termed as synergy, which takes the best from different varieties of teas and combined together to minimize the weaknesses and increasing the strengths.

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